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Low Glycemic Index (GI) Lifestyle Habits to Keep

If you are embarking on a low Glycemic Index lifestyle, then know that there are a few basics of ground rules to keep in mind to make your efforts a success. It doesn’t really matter if you formulated the low GI diet plan on your own or sought the help of a dietician or nutritionist; the same guiding rules apply. However, it is best to consult with a medical professional when planning to drastically modify one’s diet.

Low GI Tip #1. Low GI meals are limitless.
One of the reasons people fail when trying a low GI diet is because they think that the things they can eat and the meals they can consume are limited. And no, low GI meals are not bland at all! If you start thinking that you are, from this point, only going to eat ‘boring food’ then this is a sure-fire way to sabotage your diet.

Instead, EXPLORE the many food items that have low-to-medium GI levels and construct as many meals as you can with them. You’ll soon realize that you are only limited by your imagination.

Low GI Tip #2. Be mindful of when you had your last meal.
A low GI diet means you are cutting down on carbohydrates that are quickly broken down and absorbed by your body. If you let a long time pass before having your next meal, then chances are your blood sugar levels will drop too low and you’ll feel weak.

Instead, try to time your meals well. A good rule of thumb is to eat something every three hours.

Low GI Tip #3. Try to be creative all the time with your meals.
Some people come up with, say, a low GI menu good for 2 weeks and leave it at that. Well, this may be good for 1-2 months but by the 3rd month you’ll be bored with this menu!

So why not keep on changing your menu and come up with as many meals as you can? Buy low GI cook books; join low GI groups online; maybe even start your own low GI blog and foster a community of low GI food sharing tips!

Low GI Tip #4. Practice the 2-hands cupped rule.
Many people plan to go on a low GI diet and then, because they know they are eating healthier, they eat A LOT. No wonder then that these people see no difference in their weights!

Here’s the rule of thumb: the size of your meal should be no bigger than both hands cupped. And don’t cheat by food high on your hands!

Low GI Tip #5. Are you really hungry? Or are you just thirsty?
If you feel hungry after a low GI meal, drink some iced water or some lemon water (freshly squeezed lemon diluted with water). Sometimes, what you think is hunger is actually more thirst.

And last but not the least… MOVE! No successful diet plan has ever really succeeded – long-term – if it’s not coupled with exercise..

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