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Fruits and the Glycemic Index

How to Lead a FRUIT-y Life

Eating fruits is an excellent way to lead a healthier life. They are easy to acquire, there are plenty of choices available and if you think about it, a lot cheaper than a bag of chips in the long run!

There are actually people who consume only fruit (i.e., follow the practice of fruitarianism) but in general it is always best to eat a mixture of food items rather than just concentrating on consuming just one type of food. This way, you do not lose out on all the other nutrients available in other foods.

Also, anything in excess is bad for you. Yes, even fruit. For example, fruit contains a lot of natural sugars. That, in itself, is not bad but too much of it means your body has a lot of sugar in it and that can badly affect your blood sugar levels.

What would be good is to mindful of what types of fruits you should eat. For instance, go for fruits featured in Low Glycemic Index tables. These fruits are nutritious without packing in too much sugar in them.

An Apple a Day…

An example of a low glycemic fruit is the apple (with just a GI value of 38) and that’s a great fact because apples are pretty much there everywhere you turn, right?

There are many different kinds of apples with some best for cooking, some best for baking, but most are best for munching! It also seems that any time is a good time to have an apple. You can chop it and have it for breakfast with your cereal, slice it and make it part of a sandwich for lunch, cook it for dinner and bake it for dessert!

Apples contain a lot of fiber, which helps one feel full faster and for a longer period of time.

Color Me Cherry…

Cherries have even a lower GI value at just 22. Cherries are not as versatile as the apple and can be a tad more expensive during certain seasons but they are delicious nonetheless.

Cherries come in bright, cheery red colors and their flesh are sweet and juicy. They are great eaten as is or made into jam, included in a fruit salad or in baked treats.

If ever you are in doubt on whether a fruit is low glycemic, just grab a citrus fruit then. Lemons, grapefruits, and oranges are not by nature sweet and sugary so it goes to follow they are low on the GI table.

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